Vasyl Lomachenko, potential TBE?

In a sport that tends to overuse the superlatives “legend” & “all time great” I find myself at a loss for more suitable terms for Ukrainian sensation Vasyl Lomachenko.

Lomachenko, with last weeks emphatic victory has now carved a hall of fame career. This has resulted in him being the kingpin in 3 different weight divisions. He has done this at a breathtaking rate, all within 12 fights. The pace at which he has achieved this feat is unlikely to be rivaled, while the electricity of his performances is already seeing him grow to mythical proportions. The only real questions that present themselves now are; just how far can he go? And, are we witnessing someone who can potentially go down as THE greatest fighter in history?

Here we will indulge my inner boxing fantasist and discuss 5 scenarios which, if achieved could well see Loma be crowned TBE:

1. Unify the 135 division. With a host of talent in the legendary lightweight division (one of Boxing’s original 8), collecting all the belts and becoming undisputed in this era would be a great feat. To do it 2 weight classes north of where you turned pro would be the stuff of legends.

2. Rematch and beat Orlando Salido. Although this may not be technically possible due to Salido retirement rumors. Should Lomachenko rematch Salido and overturn the one blemish on his record that would go a long way towards his TBE claims.

3. Capture a world title at 140 junior welterweight. This would be a great feat for someone who turned pro at the weight Lomachenko did. To do it within what will be, barring a sustained period of warm up fights, record breaking time would once again strengthen the Loma arguments. There is also some great talent in the division right now which sort of ties into the next point.

4. Face and defeat a nailed on Hall Of Famer. Great fighters need great fighters on their records. With the rumored showdown with Manny Pacquiao a possibility, Loma could have exactly the dance partner he needs to fulfill this criteria.

5. Capture a world title at 147 welterweight and unify. This would be a huge ask given both Lomachenko’s size and also the size plus talent that lurks in that division, but I’m sure if Lomachenko could pull of this one off then even his staunchest critics would be jumping on the TBE bandwagon.

Lomachenko is in a rare position right now. He could conceivably achieve the things on the above list and do it all within 20 professional fights! This is absolutely mind boggling. One thing is for certain, I am going to be watching his next steps with eager eyes.

Do you feel Lomachenko is poised to make a run for the All Time Great position?

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