Since I have been running Marksman Boxing & Fitness I receive an enormous amount of emails, inbox messages and general questions on a day to day basis. This blog post is going to examine the most common questions I receive and provide you with the answers!

  • What is Marksman Boxing & Fitness? – Simply put this is the result of a decade of competitive experience within the boxing field. Competing for over 10 years has given me the knowledge, competency and experience to be able to teach the sweet science while also improving fitness, body composition & confidence.


  • Will boxing help me lose weight? – firstly, unless you’re a competitive athlete involved in a weight restricted sport, you should never be looking to lose WEIGHT…what we aim for is FAT LOSS! And yes, boxing is terrific for fat loss. You will burn tons of calories while having fun, lose the love handles and firm your body.



  • I’ve never done boxing before, can I still train? – that’s what I’m here for. I have taken my vast knowledge and experience from time competing as both an amateur and a professional fighter to create a template that will help anyone; from beginners to professionals.


  • I don’t want to get hit/I don’t want to fight – there is absolutely ZERO requirement for you to compete or even spar. I realize trading punches is not for everyone which is why I make sure your workouts are intense ad challenging. You will be trained like a fighter without having to be hit like one. The aim is to get fit not hit.



  • I really want to train with you, but I’m not fit enough – stop right there! You don’t get fit to train with me; YOU GET FIT BY TRAINING WITH ME! As mentioned previously I have a wealth of experience with not only training myself but 100’s of clients. I will make sure the workout is tailored to you specifically. The goal is to build not break!

What can you do now? MESSAGE ME TO BOOK A SESSION! That’s what! No time like the present. Don’t be an afraid, don’t procrastinate, message me and start your journey to a fitter, healthier & more confident you.