Small victories. Small wins in all things! 

What do we need to focus on everyday? What would be beneficial for me to place most of my mental energy on everyday? It’s pretty simple really, mastery, progress, growth! Ensuring that I am just that little bit better, a little bit wiser, a little bit more knowledgable than I was the day before. The most successful people are those who have realised that success is a habit. Success, execellence, mastery, call it what you may, is the continuous pursuit of “better”. It is the ability to stick steadfast to the task at hand, remaining focused on your journey, knowing that even an improvement of 1% is still an improvement. These small 1% improvements begin to add up over a period of time, then become seismic improvements, leaps towards your dreams and goals.  
Seems easy enough!. Look out for the tiny improvements you are making as these are small steps towards your goals but like all simple and easy tips, “easy to do means it’s also easy not to do”. You must make a conscious effort to look for improvements and feel gratitude at the fact you are further ahead on your journey than you was the day before. This is exactly how I have been approaching training, writing, life in general, and the benefits on both my mood, energy and determination have been significant. As humans I feel we need to come to the realisation that there is no perfect in real life, perfect doesn’t exist. You will very rarely achieve linear progression, the road to your goals is long and winding, littered with road works, breakdowns and many other setbacks along the way. You don’t and won’t make huge progress and visible strides towards your goals every single day. But what will you do? Will perceived lack of progress knock you off course? Or will you, like the many that have achieved success and fulfilment, be able to identify your small victories and keep pressing forward?

I know who I want to be, I know what I want to do and I’m finally beginning to piece together the ways in which I will be able to do it. So next time you feel like you have hit a wall, next time you feel like you have taken one step forward and three steps back. Breathe!!! Take a step back, analyse the situation and try to look for the small victories. Your progress and maybe more importantly your sanity could depend on it.

I am off on holiday this week. The old me would have spent the week worrying and thinking about all the things or opportunities I was missing out on while I was “relaxing”! The new me realises that rest/play & fun are huge components of balance and overall health. I hope you enjoyed this article, change of pace. See you soon

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