And so, we meet again my dear friend. It was inevitable I would return to my notebook. A place of solace, a blank canvas to express the boxing murmurs that occupy my brain on a constant basis. I could continue to wax lyrical but alas, lets get down to the meat & potatoes! The fights I am DESPERATE to see in 2019. I think most of the boxing world would agree with me.

  • Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury 2 – when announced, the first contest was met with much trepidation; would Fury pull out? Was it just a money grab? Did Deontay see this as easy pickings? I, along with the boxing world were happy to be wrong. A tremendous occasion which showed not only Fury’s boxing skill, guile and mental fortitude but also showed Wilder’s mental strength, competitive streak & devastating power. Both men left the ring with more credit than they entered which is a rarity among modern boxing. The controversy over the draw result has left the world with a lust for the rematch. We wait with bated breath for the announcement.
  • Anthony Joshua vs Fury – Wilder Winner – The AJ/Wilder saga was moving towards astronomical levels of anticipation. That was until Tyson Fury decided to step back into the boxing world and shake its very foundations. His masterful performance in the Wilder fight and the subsequent draw means that whoever emerges from the inevitable rematch will be poised to fight AJ in a unification match to crown an undisputed king of boxings biggest division. If you thought the hype for Mayweather – Pacquiao was legendary, I am afraid we have seen anything yet!
  • Canelo Alvarez vs Gennady Golovkin 3 – Two razor thin fights between 2 of the very best pound for pound fighters in the sport have left us clamouring for a third! Depending on who you speak to GGG could be 2-0 vs Canelo and vice versa. These two are so sublimely skilled and evenly matched that If they were to fight 10 times, we could still be looking at a tie. Golovkin has been resting up since the rematch, while Canelo has gone up to 168 to capture another world title. Canelo vs GGG 3 at 168 looks a great possibility for the next chapter in this rivalry.
  • Errol Spence vs Terrence Crawford – Spence has solidified himself as one of the very best fighters in the sport. He cut a destructive path on his way up the ladder as a contender before travelling to England to rip the title from respected World Champion Kell Brook. Since then he has done nothing to slow down the claims as a future pound for pound elite. It seems like all Spence needs to move to that next level of stardom is the right dance partner; step forward Terrence Crawford. In Crawford we have an undoubted pound for pound elite talent. A switch-hitting virtuoso who has conquered both 135 & 140, unifying the titles before again venturing upwards to 147 to strip Jeff Horn of his WBO Title. Crawford has been very vocal that he intends to clean up at 147 and sees Spence merely as an object that needs to be moved. An undefeated power punching, seek and destroy southpaw vs an undefeated switch-hitting genius with a scary mean streak. This could be a fight for the ages.
  • Gervonta Davis vs Vasyl Lomachenko – maybe a fight that is under the radar for some boxing fans but not for me! In Davis we have a precocious young talent, a power punching bull with the speed and skills that have destroyed all that have crossed his path thus far. His alignment with Floyd Mayweather saw him viewed as the heir apparent to Mr TBE. In his squabbles and trouble outside the ring have not seen that potential come to fruition, yet! In Vasyl we have arguably THE greatest amateur of all time. A sure-fire hall of famer already within such a short space of time. A 3-division world champion that has set the boxing world alight with skills and movement hardly seen before in a ring. Nobody has yet been able to really pose any serious questions to Lomachenko, despite the calibre of opponents he has already shared the ring with. A young (hopefully still hungry) undefeated opponent who has destroyed all those before him looks like the perfect person to pose some questions to “Hi-Tech”. I for one hope Davis can resolve his out of the ring troubles and find himself in the opposite corner of the great Ukrainian. Some serious questions will be asked, and some answers will be needed…for both men!

Boxing is in a brilliant place right now. So many quality fighters, so many great fights to be made. Please tell me, what are you top 5 fights to be made in 2019?




Since I have been running Marksman Boxing & Fitness I receive an enormous amount of emails, inbox messages and general questions on a day to day basis. This blog post is going to examine the most common questions I receive and provide you with the answers!

  • What is Marksman Boxing & Fitness? – Simply put this is the result of a decade of competitive experience within the boxing field. Competing for over 10 years has given me the knowledge, competency and experience to be able to teach the sweet science while also improving fitness, body composition & confidence.


  • Will boxing help me lose weight? – firstly, unless you’re a competitive athlete involved in a weight restricted sport, you should never be looking to lose WEIGHT…what we aim for is FAT LOSS! And yes, boxing is terrific for fat loss. You will burn tons of calories while having fun, lose the love handles and firm your body.



  • I’ve never done boxing before, can I still train? – that’s what I’m here for. I have taken my vast knowledge and experience from time competing as both an amateur and a professional fighter to create a template that will help anyone; from beginners to professionals.


  • I don’t want to get hit/I don’t want to fight – there is absolutely ZERO requirement for you to compete or even spar. I realize trading punches is not for everyone which is why I make sure your workouts are intense ad challenging. You will be trained like a fighter without having to be hit like one. The aim is to get fit not hit.



  • I really want to train with you, but I’m not fit enough – stop right there! You don’t get fit to train with me; YOU GET FIT BY TRAINING WITH ME! As mentioned previously I have a wealth of experience with not only training myself but 100’s of clients. I will make sure the workout is tailored to you specifically. The goal is to build not break!

What can you do now? MESSAGE ME TO BOOK A SESSION! That’s what! No time like the present. Don’t be an afraid, don’t procrastinate, message me and start your journey to a fitter, healthier & more confident you.


What happens when the lights fade, the fire starts to dwindle, and the love has left town? These are the difficult questions popular crowd favourite Tyler Goodjohn found himself faced with. An ever-present name amongst the blood & guts enthusiasts, Goodjohn found himself with a new family and a bank statement that was taking more hits than Antonio Margarito. He needed a new direction and he needed it fast. One fight in 18 months proved to be the bitter sweet turning point.

Most fighters outside of the upper echelon are only paid if they fight (normally this is via a % of tickets they are required to sell, that’s another topic for another time), they receive no financial income to train. As you can imagine this will put a great strain on a budding fighters finances, especially if they’re not prolific ticket sellers and are unable to fight regularly. Goodjohn found himself with a lot of time on his hands during this hiatus from the professional prize ring and put it to situation changing use. Now the proud owner of his own gym, the thriving El Warriors Workshop, he is earning a living, providing for his family and still involved in the pugilistic art he holds so dear. With his financial affairs back in order, it was time to address another issue; the competitive itch. Goodjohn still had the hunger to compete and test himself but no longer had the love or hunger for the professional boxing game. He has now turned his sights to another battleground, BKB (bare knuckle boxing). He will make his debut in the new and exciting format on Saturday June 9th. It was a pleasure to sit down and catch up with a former sparring partner and friend and discuss the next chapter.

Me: Ok Tyler, obviously I know you very well but for my readers that may not be as familiar please gives us a quick introduction.

Tyler: My name is Tyler Goodjohn, I am 27 years old and I am from Cambridgeshire. I had 69 amateur fights, winning 46 of them and becoming Junior ABA Champion. As a professional I had 18 fights, won 13 and was a former English Champion. I’ve been in some seriously tough fights, right from the beginning. I boxed Danny Connor in only my 6th fight, we went on to fight each other 3 time in total. I fought former British Champion Tyrone Nurse in my 11th fight and then won the English in my 13th in front of a packed O2 arena. I’ve had some great fights and great nights but eventually the struggle to make the 10st weight limit (where I had most of my success) took its toll on me. In the end I was never able to get another crack at the big shows. For one reason or another I wasn’t attractive to promoters.

Me: So as my readers can see, you’re someone who knows the game of boxing. When did you start boxing & why?

Tyler: I started boxing at age 10 to lose weight, I was quite a chunky kid…not much has changed. Like most kids I was really into football, but I struggled to get into the team because of my weight so my parents took me to Haddenham ABC to learn how to box and lose some weight.

Me: Your story, in terms of the reason why you started boxing is very similar to mine. How and why did you find yourself turning professional?

Tyler: I turned professional because I didn’t have anywhere else to go in the amateur game. I had got to a national final and then the following year I became national Junior ABA Champion, but I was constantly being overlooked by the England boxing selection team. It was basically stay amateur, give up boxing completely or try my luck in the professional ranks. I had previously been potted by Tony Sims in London and had been offered to turn professional. In hindsight 18/19 was far too young for me to turn professional but I didn’t feel I had many other choices at that time.

Me: You mentioned that in hindsight maybe you turned pro too soon. Are there any other things you wish you would have known before your professional career?

Tyler: Absolutely! Professional Boxing is a business. I heard this so much before I turned pro, but I chose to ignore it. Again, I put this down to being young and probably naïve. I wish I understood that promoters are only concerned with making money out of you, there’s no loyalty or care in this game. Once you have been beaten and you’re of no financial use anymore you’re tossed on the scrap heap. It’s the nature of the beast but it still makes it a very hard pill to swallow.

Me: I for one am very interested in seeing you compete in BKB, I feel it suits your style down to a tee. Do you feel there will be other boxers interested and do you feel you may see some other boxers making the switch?

Tyler: Thanks mate. Yeah, I do believe more and more professional boxers will start making the switch over to BKB. Without name dropping, most professional boxers I speak to are tired of the game. They’re fed up of the way its run, so I can see this transition becoming more common.

Me: Been great to catch up with you bro. Lastly, tell the readers when the fight is, where its going to be and how we can get tickets?
Tyler: Really enjoyed catching up, thank you for doing this piece on me. I really appreciate the support and interest. My BKB debut is on Saturday June 9th at the Indigo O2, back at my old hunting ground. People can contact me directly for tickets, but the event is close to being a sell-out. The interest and demand has been out of this world.

I am looking forward to following Tyler’s next chapter. One thing is for sure; there’s probably going to be blood and its probably going to be exciting