Why choose Marksman Boxing & Fitness

Besides my family, my passions are boxing and fitness training. Walking into a gym as a teenager trying to lose weight changed my life. So I know how hard it is to get into shape, whether it is as a boxer  preparing for a fight or starting from scratch. So if you are ready to feel good about yourself on top of looking good, join the Marksman Fitness program.

What I offer

My expertise as a professional athlete and trainer allows me to offer a bespoke, individual focused training experience. Everything will be designed to maximise your own attributes, whilst teaching you how a new outlook on fitness and well-being. All programs and sessions can be discussed in advance. Just contact me.

The Boxer

Boxing is my first sporting love and I am lucky enough to do what I love for a living. I campaign at super-welterweight (154lbs). To date, my record stands at 12(8)-1-0.

The Trainer

I love training and helping people improve their skills and outlook on life. My class, the Marksman Fight Club has become like an extended family to me. I have made many friendships that will last a lifetime.

The Writer & Blogger

In addition to being a participant in boxing, I am also an avid fan. With that in mind, I regularly pen articles and blogs about any topical subjects pertaining to this great sport. I have had the honour of being published in the bible of boxing, none other than Boxing News.

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A bit of background...

Just a bit of background history... hopefully my story will inspire you to get fitter...
Founder & Trainer
My name is Aarron Morgan. I am a professional boxer and fitness trainer. I am also, founder & owner of Marksman Boxing and Fitness. I have a passion for helping people achieve a healthier, happier version of themselves.
Aarron Morgan
Founder & Trainer
Aarron MorganFounder & Trainer

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