And so, we meet again my dear friend. It was inevitable I would return to my notebook. A place of solace, a blank canvas to express the boxing murmurs that occupy my brain on a constant basis. I could continue to wax lyrical but alas, lets get down to the meat & potatoes! The fights I am DESPERATE to see in 2019. I think most of the boxing world would agree with me.

  • Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury 2 – when announced, the first contest was met with much trepidation; would Fury pull out? Was it just a money grab? Did Deontay see this as easy pickings? I, along with the boxing world were happy to be wrong. A tremendous occasion which showed not only Fury’s boxing skill, guile and mental fortitude but also showed Wilder’s mental strength, competitive streak & devastating power. Both men left the ring with more credit than they entered which is a rarity among modern boxing. The controversy over the draw result has left the world with a lust for the rematch. We wait with bated breath for the announcement.
  • Anthony Joshua vs Fury – Wilder Winner – The AJ/Wilder saga was moving towards astronomical levels of anticipation. That was until Tyson Fury decided to step back into the boxing world and shake its very foundations. His masterful performance in the Wilder fight and the subsequent draw means that whoever emerges from the inevitable rematch will be poised to fight AJ in a unification match to crown an undisputed king of boxings biggest division. If you thought the hype for Mayweather – Pacquiao was legendary, I am afraid we have seen anything yet!
  • Canelo Alvarez vs Gennady Golovkin 3 – Two razor thin fights between 2 of the very best pound for pound fighters in the sport have left us clamouring for a third! Depending on who you speak to GGG could be 2-0 vs Canelo and vice versa. These two are so sublimely skilled and evenly matched that If they were to fight 10 times, we could still be looking at a tie. Golovkin has been resting up since the rematch, while Canelo has gone up to 168 to capture another world title. Canelo vs GGG 3 at 168 looks a great possibility for the next chapter in this rivalry.
  • Errol Spence vs Terrence Crawford – Spence has solidified himself as one of the very best fighters in the sport. He cut a destructive path on his way up the ladder as a contender before travelling to England to rip the title from respected World Champion Kell Brook. Since then he has done nothing to slow down the claims as a future pound for pound elite. It seems like all Spence needs to move to that next level of stardom is the right dance partner; step forward Terrence Crawford. In Crawford we have an undoubted pound for pound elite talent. A switch-hitting virtuoso who has conquered both 135 & 140, unifying the titles before again venturing upwards to 147 to strip Jeff Horn of his WBO Title. Crawford has been very vocal that he intends to clean up at 147 and sees Spence merely as an object that needs to be moved. An undefeated power punching, seek and destroy southpaw vs an undefeated switch-hitting genius with a scary mean streak. This could be a fight for the ages.
  • Gervonta Davis vs Vasyl Lomachenko – maybe a fight that is under the radar for some boxing fans but not for me! In Davis we have a precocious young talent, a power punching bull with the speed and skills that have destroyed all that have crossed his path thus far. His alignment with Floyd Mayweather saw him viewed as the heir apparent to Mr TBE. In his squabbles and trouble outside the ring have not seen that potential come to fruition, yet! In Vasyl we have arguably THE greatest amateur of all time. A sure-fire hall of famer already within such a short space of time. A 3-division world champion that has set the boxing world alight with skills and movement hardly seen before in a ring. Nobody has yet been able to really pose any serious questions to Lomachenko, despite the calibre of opponents he has already shared the ring with. A young (hopefully still hungry) undefeated opponent who has destroyed all those before him looks like the perfect person to pose some questions to “Hi-Tech”. I for one hope Davis can resolve his out of the ring troubles and find himself in the opposite corner of the great Ukrainian. Some serious questions will be asked, and some answers will be needed…for both men!

Boxing is in a brilliant place right now. So many quality fighters, so many great fights to be made. Please tell me, what are you top 5 fights to be made in 2019?