Revenge or Repeat?


This weekend us British boxing fans are truly in for a treat. We have the rematch of one of the most intriguing domestic showdowns of last year. Welshman Liam Williams will once again square off with his bitter Scouse rival Liam Smith in a grudge match that has fight of the year written all over it. The first contest was a riveting battle that saw Williams sharp punching and dazzling footwork rack up a lead on the scorecards, only for Smith’s determination, experience and strength to claw him back into the fight as he proceeded to gather momentum over an increasingly tiring Williams. The contest was poised for an epic finale, only to be denied by a clash of heads which resulted in Williams trainer pulling his man out of the contest. Whether the clash of heads was accidental or deliberate is up for debate. Whether Williams could have finished the contest or Gary Lockett was right to pull him out is also a talking point. The needle and animosity in the build up to this rematch is centred around one point; was Smith on the verge of stopping the tiring Williams & therefore was Williams happy to have to the fight stopped in the corner. The debate has raged, the insults have been thrown from both sides, the British boxing fraternity has been whipped into a frenzy. All that’s left now is the fight… and what a fight it could be. Continue reading Smith-Williams II