Here we are once again. A closely contested fight, rabid screams of robbery, an increasingly familiar scene for boxing fans recently…groundhog day for Filipino icon Manny “Pacman” Pacquaio.

You could be excused for being somewhat confused this weekend. The social media uproar following a fight that many thought Manny won handily gave me, and no doubt Pacman himself have flashbacks to his “defeat” to Timothy Bradley. I preface this article by saying i have yet to rewatch the fight from a scoring standpoint, I have watched it purely for entertainment. What I can say straight off is, watching the fight I was thinking to myself “this fight is very close and extremely hard to score”. The fact I felt this way signifies to me the robbery talk may be an overreaction. This is similar to my feelings in the previous Ward-Kovalev article. What we had was a closely contested fight, so why so many calls for Pacmans retirement?  Continue reading Pacman is not THE man anymore?!