Last week I engaged in a tremendous battle. The stage was set, Saturday 20th May Copperbox arena
on the undercard of the huge world title fight between Gervonta Davis & Liam Walsh. I have beenworking so hard, toiling in the near obscurity of the small hall circuit, building my resume and my
brand. I had finally been rewarded with a spot on BT Sport against a fellow unbeaten fighter, the
stuff of dreams…until the dream turned nightmare…or did it?  Continue reading The ecstasy of a great fight, the agony of defeat! 


Inspired by the previous article regarding the upcoming rematch between Andre Ward and Sergey Kovalev, I found myself thinking “what are my favorite rematches of all time?”. I have tried to narrow it down to my top 5. EnjoyHere are the top 5 rematches that lived up to the hype and excitement of the 1st contest:

5) Sugar Ray Leonard vs Tommy Hearns: although 8 years after their 1st legendary tussle the two kings came together once again for a fiercely fought contest which ended in a draw despite Hearns scoring two knockdowns. Continue reading The Greatest rematches of all time 

Ward-Kovalev 1

One of the most highly anticipated signed fights for 2017 is fast approaching. The rematch of last years controversial showdown between P4P King Andre Ward and Soviet Sniper, Sergey Kovalev. While not an instant classic, the first contest stirred up some of the most furious debates within recent years throughout boxing. The line in the sand was firmly drawn, sides were picked. “Ward won the fight clearly” or “Kovalev was robbed”. Which side are you on?

I think before we dive deeply into this topic and I give you my stance, I think we need to preface what a robbery is in boxing. To me, a robbery is a contest which was clearly won, perhaps even dominated by “boxer A” but still awarded to “boxer B”. This is the kind of contest where, when the scorecards are read, we need to do a quick double check to make sure it wasn’t Stevie Wonder filling out the scorecards! You get my point! Boxing, and further more, the scoring of boxing is completely subjective. This means that barring a definitive KO, the outcome will always be subject for debate. Continue reading Robbery? Call the police? Not so fast! Ward vs Kovalev